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Orono Recreation Basketball

Orono -

ORONO – Orono Rec. has joined with teams from Veazie and Old Town to form a recreation basketball league. All teams are recreation teams not All-Star/Travel Teams. Each community does not have enough children to play exclusively on their own, so we joined together to give the children of these communities an opportunity to play, learn skills and have fun. Games will be held at locations within the three towns on a rotating basis.
Grade Levels:
K-1 Instructional (in Orono only)
2-3: Separate Boys and Girls Teams
4-5: Separate Boys and Girls Teams
To Register go to our Website at: www.oronorec.com

For More Information:

No Further Information is Available

Telephone Number: (207)866-5065

Website: http://www.oronorec.com

Email: www.oronorec@orono.org