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Maine Golf Association Visits Island Country Club

Deer Isle -

DEER ISLE – Four members of the Maine Golf Association Golf Course Rating Committee visited the Island Country Club this week. The purpose of their visit was to rate the difficulty of the new holes that have been built and will be open to both members and the public on July 2. This rating will be used to determine handicap ratings for members, as well as public play.

The group was led by Romeo Lebarge who is Tournament Director and Director of the Rating Program.. Others were Harvey Peterson and Larry Quinn, both from Belfast and John Johnston from Bangor. They measured each new hole and rated the difficulty of each hole and green. Their findings will be used to determine a formula where scores on the ICC course can be compared to scores on other golf courses throughout the country.

The group’s reaction underscores the fact that the Island and Peninsula community are very fortunate to have such a challenging and beautiful new golf course which will enhance the recreational facilities available to residents of our region.

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