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Bryant Pond 4-H Camp Golf Classic set for September 8th

Bryant Pond -

BRYANT POND – On September 8th in partnership with Maine’s Rock Station, 102.9 WBLM, we will be hosting our 1st Annual Bryant Pond 4-H Camp Golf Classic at Poland Spring Golf Course. This 18-hole team scramble is the kick-off event for our “Campaign for Kids”, a fundraising campaign that will help Maine families afford to send their kids to summer camp.
Throughout the day of the event, WBLM will be asking listeners to donate and send more kids to camp in 2011. Listeners will have the opportunity to request any song from the Blimp’s A to Z music archive for a $20 donation. The radio station will also be holding a contest around the event, stay tuned for details!
We are currently registering golfers and seeking sponsors for this event. Please call 665-2068 or visit http://extension.umaine.edu/bryantpond/golf%20classic.asp to find out how you can get involved.
For over 50 years, the Bryant Pond 4-H Camp & Learning Center programs have introduced children and adults to a unique blend of affordable, safe outdoor fun, conservation education, and practical outdoor skills.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Bethany Pelletier

Telephone Number: (207)665-2068

Website: http://extension.umaine.edu/bryantpond/golf%20classic.asp

Email: bethany.pelletier@maine.edu