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Couple Gives 87 Years to UMaine

Orono, Old Town, Bangor -

Doreen and Jimmy Vaillancourt - Retiring after 87 Years of Service to UMaine - at the UMaine Retirement Event on April 27th where they both were honored along with others who also retired. The event was held at Wells Conference Center and Victoria Blanchette took the photo.

ORONO – Doreen Vaillincourt has worked at UMaine in the College of Engineering for the last 45 years and Jimmy, her husband, has worked at UMaine in the Print and Mailing Dept. for the past 42 years. Together that is 87 years of service to the UMaine community.

We are putting on a event to honor them both from 4-6pm on June 18th,  at Wells at UMaine.

I think that people would love to know about this couple who has given so much to UMaine and to this area over the years.

For more information contact victoria Blanchette at 581-2204 or email at victoria.blanchette@umit.maine.edu

For More Information:

Contact Name: Victoria Blanchette

Telephone Number: 207-581-2204

Website: http://www.engineering.umaine.edu

Email: victoria.blanchette@umit.maine.edu