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Trenton -

Fifth graders in Trenton, together with their teacher Snow Ross, have produced a colorful pamphlet for Trenton residents that encourages more recycling. It provides specific instructions about what should go where in the town’s recycling dumpsters that are located in the Town Office parking area. The purposes are to save money for the town and to decrease the amount of waste and thus help the environment. The pamphlets will be distributed with the Town Report and copies will be available at the Town Office where they will be given to summer residents when they come there. Other copies will be given to Trenton residents when they go to the Eastern Maine Recycling transfer station in Southwest Harbor
Eighth graders at Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor, together with their teacher Bonnie Burne, have produced a similar pamphlet for the same purposes. Southwest Harbor residents take their recycling directly to the Eastern Maine Recycling transfer station, and the pamphlets are distributed there.
Because each town has slightly different procedures for recycling, pamphlets specific to each town are needed.
The Acadia Disposal District Board has awarded a mini-grant to each of those schools in recognition of their good work, and to encourage further efforts at waste reduction there and in other area schools.
Solid waste disposal is the second largest item in each town’s budget, after education. By recycling those things that can be recycled, and by composting food, lawn and garden waste, residents can make a significant dent in the cost of solid waste disposal.
In addition to the production of informational pamphlets by the two schools mentioned, several area schools have been undertaking other projects aimed at reducing waste and increasing local production. Some schools have started composting programs, others are gardening to produce some of the food they eat, and at least one has installed solar panels to produce some of the power they use.
Considering the unsustainable levels of consumption and waste production in our society, the increasing awareness and activism of students provide some hope for a more sensible future.

Peter Rees ‚Äď member of the Acadia Disposal District Board and Trenton Solid Waste Committee.

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