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Ellsworth -

Jodi Williams, Professor Library Studies, UMA

ELLSWORTH – Library and information technology career will be the topic of an information session a the Hancock County Higher Education Center from 1-2pm on Monday, June 28.

Today’s library personnel are high-tech detectives, helping people sort through oceans of information available in books, magazines and digital records. For those interested in exploring careers in library services or in other fields such as computer information systems, faculty of the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) Information and Library Services program will present an overview of the program and discuss relevant careers.

UMA’s online Information and Library Services program is designed to provide students with the paraprofessional skills needed to support the effective functioning of a library or other information intensive organization. Trained library personnel must respond to the rapid national surge in information technology, and the program provides courses to assist students in acquiring this evolving knowledge and the skills necessary to become effective and well-informed members of a library team. A certificate, associate degree, and a baccalaureate degree are available online and locally at the Hancock County Higher Education Center in Ellsworth.

“The online classes are enriched by the broad experiences of the students and faculty who are a part of the ILS program, “ says Jodi Williams, Assistant Professor of Information and Library Sciences at UMA. “For example, one of our adjunct faculty members taught from India while she was working to establish a library in a remote Buddhist school high in the mountains in the Himalayas. This diversity of perspectives and cultures are really what bring our classes alive.”

For more information about UMA’s Information and Library Services program and the upcoming information session, please contact the Hancock County Higher Education Center, 667-3897 or
800-696-2540 or visit our website, www.learn.maine.edu/ellsworth.

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