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EL-DEB, Inc. Presents on Poverty to the Staff and Educators of RSU #34

Old Town -

OLD TOWN, Maine –  This Thursday, the educators and support personnel of RSU #34 gathered at Old Town High School Café for an in-service day. The workshops and sessions, led by Elaine Miller and Debrajean Scheibel of Essential Learning for Designing Educational Bridges, Inc. (EL-DEB, Inc.) focused on addressing poverty and its effects on students and their relationships with their teachers.

EL-DEB, Inc. presented a poverty workshop to the administrative staff of RSU #34 last year and was invited to return this year to work with teachers and support personnel for grades K through 8. Director of Curriculum Jon Doty explained that the in-service day was planned in hopes of bringing more staff attention and skills to the growing issue in the community.

The full day training, entitled “Poverty: The Extent to Which a Learner is Under-Resourced” included four sessions, two full group and two break out options. Each session focused on issues facing students from poverty and their educators, as well as techniques that can be used to address those problems. The sessions included were titled “Poverty: The Extent to Which a Learner is Under-Resourced,” “Praise, Effort, Opportunity and Practice,” “Changing ‘Mindset,” and finally, “Relationships, Role Models and Support Systems.”

EL-DEB, Inc. co-founders, Miller and Scheibel pulled from their combined experiences as educators and administrators as well as third party research in poverty and education (including PO Bronson and Ashley Merryman’s NurtureShock and Dr. Ruby K. Payne’s A Framework for Understanding Poverty) to lead the interactive sessions, which encouraged the educators and staff members present to apply new concepts and theories of education to their everyday classroom experiences.

EL-DEB, Inc. is a 501(c) not-for-profit company based in Troy, Maine. Their mission is to eradicate poverty through common understanding and to promote mutually respectful working relationships between schools, parents and the community at large. EL-DEB, Inc. provides conferences, consultations and workshops on a variety of topics, using Ruby K. Payne’s A Framework for Understanding Poverty as a guide and resource for developing an improved understanding of poverty. For more information about EL-DEB, Inc. visit their website at www.el-debinc.com or e-mail eldeb.inc@gmail.com

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