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Gushee Family to hold 51st Reunion

Appleton -

APPLETON – The Gushees will gather for the 51st Gushee Family Reunionat noon for socializing and a potluck lunch at 1pm on August 29th on the shores of Sennebec Pond in Appleton, Maine at the cottages of Jenness and Goldie Gushee and Tina (Gushee) and David Bryant. An auction of donated treasures will be held in the afternoon. Events are being planned for both children and adults. Students who are newly attending a school of higher education can submit an application for the Gushee Reunion Scholarship. Qualifying students can contact the scholarship committee, Tina Bryant, Joel Gushee or Jenness Gushee for more details about submitting an application. Alternative location plans will be made if by chance there is inclement weather. Question concerning the reunion plans can be directed to Joel Gushee, president of the Gushee Family Reunion and proprietor of Allenbrook Farm Tackle Shop located on Sennebec Road in Appleton. For more information contact Nell Hedstrom at 207 866 3586.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Nell Hedstrom

Telephone Number: (207)866-3586

Website: http://

Email: hedstrom@maine.edu