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Burr Family Reunion

Old Town -

OLD TOWN – It’s official! You are invited! A BURR family reunion, the first since 1941, will be held at 1:oopm on July 3rd at the Elks Club hall on N. 4th Street extension off N. Main street.
A free catered buffet from 1 to 3 with hot and cold main dishes preceded by hors d’ouvres will be available. The club will have a pay-as-you-go bar. Casual dress (no cutoffs. etc) is expected. A cake presentation will made to the most senior Burr member present.
Poster pictures and family trees will be wall mounted for viewing. A static 4 foot picture tree for photo contributions by attending members will be available. Highlights of the family history will be presented directly after dinner. Issues relative to the history/reunion will be discussed. The most updated family history book (late May data) will be distributed.
I have met many of you while growing up and some of you for the first time in my 2008 visit back home to Maine. As I get older I note that you all communicated less and less. Family is all we have and the Burr family members have contributed to our rich history. Please show up, talk to a Burr that you have never met and learn who is your new relative. We have over 44 members committed to attend so far. Call for details and buffet head count.
If you have any questions, call or e-mail Bob Burr at 561-267-1903/Hburr29323@aol.com or Jim and Diane Burr at 207-317-8938 or 207-217-8752/pasttimes45@msn.com.

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