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CPR Card Press Release

Albertville -

ALBERTVILLE – CPR card, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, as the name suggests, is something that gives you an official license or say a certificate that makes you a certified CPR giver. Although CPR can be performed by anybody who knows how to give it, at the time of emergency, it is best to have some training in it.
The reason behind is simple, the process is known as a ‘life-saving’ technique and hence, there should be no scope of doing it wrong or without following the basic and important steps.
For example, now if you have to give a baby CPR, what would you do? How much pressure to apply and are you supposed to use your entire palm or just two fingers? Yes, there is a difference of course. In case of a baby, you have to use just two fingers, the index and middle fingers and apply pressure just at the center of the chest when you draw a line connecting the baby’s nipples.
And supposing there is no surface to put the baby on, then what do you do? So for all these instructions and the correct procedures, kindly refer to http://www.cprlab.com/.
CPR cards are given by different organizations and the most being AHA and ASHI, viz., American Health Association and American Safety and Health Institute. The prior being the issuer of the most widely accepted CPR cards.
There are different categorizations of the cards. They are as follows, Family and Friends CPR, Heart Saver CPR, Healthcare Provider CPR, CPR/AED (Automated External Defibrillator), etc. These certificates have different courses and training and are to be used at different situations. Find all the details on the website link mentioned.
Keep yourself posted with all the latest CPR guidelines and methods of giving CPR with the site mentioned. You never know when you might need it and in what ways you can be of immense help to people. So log in today and find out all about how and where to enroll for courses online or at some centers at different places.
The duration of the classes is just for few hours. Many hospitals also voluntarily and upon request conduct CPR CLASSES. So you can contact them too for the same. So extend a hand for being prepared when it matters the most, at the time of emergencies. It can happen to anybody.

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Telephone Number: (562)756-2233

Website: http://www.cprlab.com