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Topsham Conservation Commission Named Maine Conservation Commission of the Year

Topsham -

TOPSHAM – The Maine Association of Conservation Commissions (MEACC) has awarded its Sterling P. Dow Award for the 2011 Conservation Commission of the Year to the Topsham Conservation Commission (TCC).

According to MEACC president Pam Tetley, “Topsham was selected on the basis of the work they have done to identify and monitor vernal pools in their community, their accomplishment in developing a Natural Areas Plan for the town, their success in working collaboratively with other town committees and other organizations, and their active contributions to MEACC, including two case studies published on MEACC’s web site.”

The TCC has raised an average of $200,000 per year over the last three years for projects in Topsham, including Head of Tide Park, the Androscoggin River Walk, energy efficient lighting at the Public Works Garage, and forest management planning on the town-owned parcels at Foreside Fields and the Recycling Center.

TCC chair Gary Fogg was grateful for the award. “Our five member commission has been so busy working on various projects that we didn’t realize we were doing anything special. I learned about the award from Pam and then arranged to have her come to our May meeting and surprise us. The members were delighted.”

Conservation commissions are municipal groups that take responsibility for protecting a town’s natural resources and quality of place. Topsham had a conservation commission in the 1970s and early 1980s, then let it lapse as land trusts became established. Like many Maine towns, it saw the need to reestablish its commission in the face of growing development pressure and did so in 2003. Over 70 towns now have conservation commissions, mostly in the more developed southern and coastal counties.

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