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Rep. Brian Langley Hosts HealthCare Round-Table

Ellsworth -

Rep. Brian Langley moderates healthcare round-table

ELLSWORTH -  Senate candidate and current State Representative Brian Langley (R-Ellsworth) hosted a healthcare round-table on Friday, Aug. 13, at Bar Harbor Banking and Trust in Ellsworth. Local officials, businesses and members of the healthcare community were in attendance, including representatives from Maine Coast Memorial Hospital and the Jackson Laboratory.

The purpose of the round-table was to discuss healthcare concerns on local, state and federal levels, as well as to determine the impact of newly implemented federal healthcare policies on small business.

“As both a small business owner and legislator, I am in a unique position to gather information on both sides about existing problems and potential solutions within the realm of healthcare,” said Langley. “There are many small and seasonal businesses in this area that aren’t entirely sure about their obligation under the newly implemented federal healthcare legislation. This round-table was helpful, and addressed many of the questions posed about the transitions in policy that are forthcoming.”

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