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Pat Hunt, Candidate for District 9 Representative, Visits 1800 Voters at Home

Island Falls -

Pat Hunt, candidate for District 9 Representative, walked door-to-door on the Moro Road on September 22, visiting citizens of Dyer Brook, Merrill, and Moro.

ISLAND FALLS – Pat Hunt, a native of Island Falls, has walked hundreds of miles to visit 1800 voters at home in the second largest House district in Maine. By Election Day, he plans to have completed his 6-month marathon tour of all 25 towns in District 9. Having run his own law practice in Island Falls for over 25 years, Hunt is used to hard work and long hours in providing legal services for the people of the southern Aroostook and northern Penobscot areas. And having run the Boston and New York marathons nine times, Hunt wasn’t worried about putting some extra miles on his shoes in the race to become the next State Representative for District 9.

“I am running to serve the hard-working people of northern Penobscot and southern Aroostook counties,” Hunt said of his first attempt at political office. “With the loss of several major employers in our area to due to unfair foreign trade agreements, I felt strongly that it was time to step up and serve my community in political office. I want to fight for state legislation to keep our jobs in northern Maine.”

Hunt’s other legislative priorities include the promotion of local industries and small businesses, which would in turn create more jobs for the people of District 9. Better educational opportunities and job training for the youth and citizens of the region are high on his list of goals as State Representative. He also wants to propose a Truckers’ Bill of Rights that would ensure humane working conditions and just compensation for workers in this vital regional industry.

As a candidate, Hunt offers something unique to his fellow citizens: a personal, life-long understanding of the local economic and political issues, joined with the education, legal background, and business experience to intelligently advocate for state legislation that will help the region. Hunt said, “Going door to door, talking with voters face to face, listening to their take on the hard times in our area, has motivated me even more to fight for the rights and needs of the hard-working people of northern Maine.”

For More Information:

Contact Name: Pat Hunt

Telephone Number: (207)463-2285

Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/HUNT-FOR-MAINE-Patrick-E-Hunt-for-Maine-State-Representative-District-9/258971345801?v=info

Email: pathunt@fairpoint.net