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Judge Emery appoints McNeil as campaign coordinator

Knox County / Rockland, Camden/Rockport -

ROCKLAND – Knox County Judge of Probate Carol Emery announced today that Rockland Mayor Deborah McNeil will serve as campaign coordinator for her 2010 General Election campaign.

“I’m very fortunate to have Deb McNeil working for my re-election this Fall”, said Judge Emery. “Deb has been involved for many years in state, county and community leadership positions and I can’t think of a better person to guide my re-election campaign.”

“It’s an honor to have been asked to undertake this responsibility”, said Mayor McNeil. “I know Carol Emery well, and I know firsthand that she is committed to helping Knox County people who are facing difficult probate and family law issues.

“Being the Probate Judge is an important job. It takes years of experience in the active practice of law, as well as years of experience on the bench, to do this job well. Carol has dedicated herself to becoming one of the most respected Probate Judges in Maine.”

Judge Emery has served as Probate Judge for Knox County since 1990 and has served as President of the Knox County Bar Association, both as Secretary and President of the Maine Probate Judges Assembly, and has been a regular participant in conferences and seminars of the National College of Probate Judges. She maintains a private law practice in Rockland, specializing in family law.

In addition to serving on the Rockland City Council and as Mayor of Rockland, Deb McNeil has represented Rockland in the State Legislature and as worked as a staff representative for US Senator Olympia Snowe.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Deborah McNeil

Telephone Number: (207)542-4801

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Email: deb.mcneil@yahoo.com