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Former State Board of Education Member Announces Candidacy

Saco -

SACO, Maine  –  Justin Chenette has filed papers and formally announced his candidacy for State Representative Distinct 134-Saco.
The seat is being vacated by termed out Rep. Linda Valentino who is currently running for State Senate District 5.
Justin is no stranger to the political scene as a former member of the Maine State Board of Education, having been appointed by Governor John Baldacci, and hosted the public affairs show, Youth in Politics, on WPXT/WPME for many years.
He sees the volatile political climate as one of the major problems in Augusta.
“We can’t solve the real issues at hand because politicians are more concerned with the D or the R after someone’s name.”
Justin cites issues such as the lagging business climate, young people leaving the state for better opportunities, and fiscal irresponsibility as the core of his to-do list if elected.
“Clearly that ‘open for business’ sign out by the highway isn’t working. We need to rethink the priorities with what people actually want, reform the policy to reflect that, and by doing so we are renewing the commitment of what a Representative Democracy is all about; fighting for the interests of people on Main Street.”

For More Information:

Contact Name: Justin Chenette

Telephone Number: (207)590-3266

Website: http://www.justinforsaco.com

Email: justinchenette@gmail.com