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Zentangle Teaching Now Available in Maine

Camden and entires tate -

Anyone who can hold a pen can create beautiful Zentangles

CAMDEN – Instruction in Zentangle, a relaxing process described as a meditation in pen and ink, is now available in Maine. Life coach Nancy Lubin, a Camden resident, recently trained with Zentangle’s creators to become the first certified Zentangle teacher in the state. She is eager to help everyone experience the fun, relaxation and sense of creativity that Zentangle inspires.

“It’s just plain fun,” says Lubin, who learned about Zentangle from an artist friend and was instantly intrigued: “Once I heard about it I wanted to find a class in Maine or New Hampshire and couldn’t, so I decided to become a teacher myself. For those who will not sit and meditate for 15 minutes the Zentangle process can provide the same experience with the added benefit of a beautiful and tangible result. You can think of Zentangle as yoga for your brain, as a way to help focus your thoughts and emotions, as a means of reducing stress or as a satisfying, easy way to create something beautiful without needing to be an experienced artist. Anyone who can hold a pen—whether they’re 8 or 80–can put together beautiful designs and enter a state of flow.”

The ease of Zentangle derives from its use of repetitive patterns, which Lubin will teach participants in classes throughout the state. She encourages those who cannot attend a scheduled class to get six or more friends together for “Tea and Tangle” gatherings, during which she will explain the basics of Zentangle and give everyone an opportunity to try their hand at creating mini-artworks. Some businesses are even using Zentangle to enhance their brainstorming sessions.

Zentangle was developed several years ago by a trained monk and an award-winning calligrapher. People use it for relaxation, journaling, behavior modification, stress reduction, eye/hand coordination, building fine motor skills, group focus, anger management, team building, addiction therapy and many other purposes, as well as for the simple pleasure of creating art.

For further information about Zentangle supplies and classes visit: http://www.intention.com/blog or call (207) 236-4069.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Nancy Lubin

Telephone Number: (207)236-4069

Website: http://www.intention.com/blog

Email: nancy@intention.com