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Yoga Studio hosts Tibetan Singing Bowls concert

Thomaston -

THOMASTON, Maine — The Thomaston Yoga Studio presents musician and sound healer, Lori LeBlanc, in concert at 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 23, at 185 Maine St.¬† According to LeBlanc, who is certified in Polarity Therapy, BioSonic Repatterning and Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy, the Tibetan singing bowls, from Nepal, are not only pleasing to the human ear but offer harmonic vibrations that support healing and balancing. The singing bowls are best appreciated in an atmosphere of quiet and stillness. Children who can feel comfortable in that atmosphere are welcome to attend. The suggested donation is $15 to $5. For more information, call 208-7492, email Lori7bowls@gmail.com or visit www.lori7bowls.com.

For More Information:

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Telephone Number: (207)208-7492

Website: http://www.lori7bowls.com

Email: Lori7bowls@gmail.com