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Woodlawn & University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program Workshops

Ellsworth -

ELLSWORTH – Woodlawn in partnership with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program is pleased to offer two workshops from 9-10:30am and 11:00am to 12:30pm, Saturday July 17th.

Master Gardener Volunteer Kay Wilkins will show how to plan and install a simple, inexpensive system that will direct water to your plants, not your weeds. Drip irrigation allows you not only to save water, but precious time and energy as well. A drip system delivers water directly to your plants’ root zone, eliminating the water waste created by hand watering or a standard sprinkler system.

Master Gardener Volunteer Karen Abbott will discuss how flowers from your garden can add exotic color and flavor to your cooking. She will share a variety of easy to prepare recipes, hints on ways to use your garden flowers in traditional dishes, and demonstrate easy-to-prepare snacks that will tickle your taste buds and spark your imagination! The possibilities for using these flowers in your dishes are endless – from tasty and colorful salads to fried squash blossoms stuffed with cheese! Sample dishes will be presented.

The workshop is free of charge. However, donations to help Woodlawn develop more programs are greatly appreciated. Please call Woodlawn at 667-8671 or email events@woodlawnmuseum.org to reserve a seat.

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