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Wanderbird Expedition Cruises & Northern Lights Gallery share new space in downtown Belfast

Belfast -

BELFAST, Maine — Wanderbird Expedition Cruises has reopened its downtown Belfast ticketing office, incorporating an Inuit art gallery and exotic Northern gifts into the space. Part reservation office, part art gallery, and part handmade gift retailer, the space will anchor the two businesses in the community while supporting artisans from remote parts of the globe.

Rick and Karen Miles have been carrying passengers from their home port of Belfast to wild and remote destinations in Maine, Canada, Greenland, and Puerto Rico for eight years aboard their 90 foot steel ship, “Wanderbird.” Carrying just twelve passengers at a time, it is the only adventure travel business of its size offering expedition cruises in Arctic Canada and Greenland.

“We call 33 Main Street ‘Wanderbird’s World Headquarters,’ because our office has been in the back of this building for five or six years,” says Karen Miles. The new office includes a slideshow of images from “Wanderbird’s” travels and is also the site of the Belfast Explorer’s Club, which gathers monthly to view films with adventure and exploration themes. “Like-minded adventurers, sailors, and arm chair sailors are all welcome to join us!” says Karen.

The Northern Lights Gallery features the work of photographers who have sailed aboard “Wanderbird,” Karen Miles’ wood cut prints, and other work in stone, metal, bone, paper and silk gathered from artists along Wanderbird’s travels.

“Each item that we bring back is an expression of joy and wonder of the natural environment. Only an Inuk carver would know the shape of the pads on a polar bears paw, from watching them swim,” Karen says.

The gallery sells hand made jewelry, Nordic woolens, traditional scrimshaw, and a variety of hand made knives. Cruise gift certificates and ship’s clothing and accessories are also available.

For more information, call 1-866-732-2473, or visit www.wanderbirdcruises.org.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Rick and Karen Miles

Telephone Number: (866)732-2473

Website: http://www.wanderbirdcruises.com

Email: wanderbirdcruises@gmail.com