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VentiCordi Second Concert in Kennebunk

Kennebunk -

VentiCordi co-director Dean Stein

KENNEBUNK – VentiCordi will offer the second of its three summer concerts at 7:30pm  on Thursday, July 22nd at Christ Church in Kennebunk.
This concert will continue the innovative programming that is the hallmark of a VentiCordi event. McNerney and Stein will begin with Richard Rodney Bennett’s Conversations for Two Oboes. They have adapted the work as duets for violin and oboe, which they find speak quite well together. Alec Wilder’s ‘Piece for Oboe and Improvisatory Percussion’ will feature percussionist Robert Schulz of Boston. This piece features a written part for the oboist, yet none for the percussionist, who must improvise according to the moment, making every performance unique. Lou Harrison’s Javanese Gamelan inspired ‘Varied Trio’ for violin, piano and percussion will feature Maine pianist Bridget Convey and percussionist Schulz. This music has a delightful simplicity to it, with beautiful melodies. On a lighter note, the story of Ferdinand the Bull will be told, as McNerney takes on the role of narrator accompanied by Stein on solo violin in English composer Alan Ridout’s musical rendering of the classic children’s tale by Munro Leaf. For the concert’s finale, the French composer Charles Loeffler’s luscious, romantic ‘Deux Rhapsodies’ for oboe, viola and piano will feature Stein switching from violin to viola duties, a job he claims he has been ‘preparing for all his life.’
Doors are open for admission half hour before concert time. General Admission is $20 at the door. Seniors, $15; 18 years and younger, $5. For more information email VentiCordi@gmail.com, visit VentiCordi online at www.VentiCordi.com or phone (207) 725-0219.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Dean Stein

Telephone Number: (207)725-0219

Website: http://www.VentiCordi.com

Email: VentiCordi@gmail.com