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Unveiling Maine Author’s First Book Trailer

Saco -

SACO, Maine — “Maine’s Other Author” (TM) Tim Greaton unveils his first Book Trailer for “Under-Heaven,” a novel about a boy who was murdered in 1940s, coastal Maine. For Nate, the pain didn’t end at death. His spirit became trapped somewhere between Heaven and Earth. The paperback version of “Under-Heaven” is to be released in early November but the digital version can already be found at most e-book outlets.

“My first novel was published nearly ten years go,” Tim Greaton says, “but this was my first experience working with a professional filmmaker. Rob Ellis did an amazing job and we are both really pleased with the outcome.” Please see their amazing video collaboration at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z05VBzfDNxg . Rob Ellis is currently working on trailers for two other Tim Greaton novels.

Tim Greaton was born and raised in Auburn and currently lives in Saco, Maine with his wife and three children. They share seven acres with one dog, two cats and a population of ducks that varies with the weather. Some other Tim Greaton titles are “The Santa Shop,” “Zachary Pill, The Dragon at Station End,” and “Bones in the Tree.”

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