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True Cost of Coal

Ellsworth -

ELLSWORTH – The “True Cost of Coal” graphics campaign program at noon Sunday, Dec. 12 at the UU Church of Ellsworth, 121 Bucksport Road. “The True Cost of Coal” is an elaborate narrative illustration that explores the complex story of mountaintop removal coal mining and the broader impacts of coal in Appalachia and beyond. The image is the culmination of a three year intensive and collaborative research process. The Beehive methodology centers on first hand story-sharing.

For more information about the Beehive, check out their website, www.beehivecollective.org. This “True Cost of Coal” program is sponsored by the Peace and Social Action Committee of the UU Church of Ellsworth as a part of their community outreach and education work.  For more information, call 667-5863.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Martha Dickinson

Telephone Number: (207)667-5863

Website: http://

Email: marthad@gwi.net