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Trekkers Students Participate in Leadership Training to Mentor Younger Teens

Thomaston -

NOBLEBORO, Maine — On Nov. 18, 12 Oceanside High School juniors and four adult mentors participated in a three-day leadership training through Trekkers, a non-profit, outdoor-based mentoring program that connects young people to caring adults. Held at the Kieve-Wavus Leadership School. The training serves as the starting point for students interested in entering Trekkers Student Leadership Program. This program offers older Trekkers an avenue to mentor younger 7th, 8th and 9th grade Trekkers students.

Throughout the weekend, the students and mentors discussed what it means to be a leader, and participated in several initiative activities that developed leadership skills and confidence. Partaking in a high ropes course, they challenged themselves physically and mentally and also encouraged each group member as he or she struggled to complete the course.

When asked what they learned from the experience, one student commented, “The training taught me that being a leader comes from within. It’s not something anyone else can make you become. You have to do it.” Another student said, “Being a leader is about letting others know they matter, finding good in everyone and being judgment free.”

These students will continue to meet throughout the year to discuss leadership qualities, challenges and implications, and how they can best serve their community. Having completed the training, they also will have the opportunity to be student leaders for Trekkers’ 7th, 8th and 9th grade programs.

For more information about Trekkers and its leadership program, visit www.trekkersonline.com or call 594-5095.

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