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The Penobscot Musical Buffet Continues to Serve Jay Peterson – Friday, October 21st

Penobscot, Maine -

PENOBSCOT, Maine — Penobscot’s monthly musical event, The Musical Buffet Coffeehouse, is nearing its second anniversary. It continues to satisfy not only a wide variety of musical tastes, but it serves a higher purpose as well. Since its inception in January, 2010, a free-will donation has been collected each month with all monies going to a community fuel assistance fund. Thanks to the generosity of the audience and performers, the noteworthy milestone of $3000 has been reached. The coffeehouse is now expanding its philanthropic hands to include the Tree of Life Food Pantry in Blue Hill.
The Musical Buffet Coffeehouse is held on the 3rd Friday of each month at the Penobscot Methodist Church. An audience of 40-50 people routinely come to hear and share a wide variety of music during the open-mike hour from 7 to 8, p.m. followed by a short “eat and greet” and then a quality featured act from 8:15 to 9 p.m. We have had more than 100 open-mike performers ranging from age 3 to 83, playing a virtual smorgasbord of music, on all manner of instruments: blues to bluegrass; reels to rock; classics to classical; sing-along to dance-along; originals to traditionals; jazz to jugband. Co-host and musician Skip Bean says, ”Don’t be shy. Our audiences warmly receive all performers regardless of experience.”
Our featured acts have included some excellent “pros” and others, all donating their time and talents. October’s feature will be Jay Peterson and family. Jay, a local treasure, brings a wealth of musicology to listeners of WERU’s “Rhythm Ranch” on Tuesdays. His singing and playing talents are known hereabouts as well as nationally from Maine to Minnesota to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. For more information, call 326-8427 or 326-8501.

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