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The Irish in Belfast

Belfast -

BELFAST – Dr. Kay Retzlaff will be the guest speaker at the Belfast Historical Society program meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 25 at the Belfast Free Library, Abbott Room. The topic for this lively presentation will be “Who You Callin’ Irish? : The Potato Famine Irish of Belfast 1840-1865.”

Although Belfast, Maine, is named for a city in Northern Ireland, the earliest European residents didn’t consider themselves Irish. They were Scots and they looked askance at the later Irish immigrants who arrived during the 1840’s, a troubled time in Ireland. Dr. Retzlaff, associate professor of English at University College of Bangor, a campus of the University of Maine at Augusta, will talk about the Potato Famine Irish community which took root at the Puddledock in Belfast.

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