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The Friends of the Calais Free Library Used Bookstore Focus on Teachers & Kids and Soup & Poetry

Calais -

CALAIS, Maine — As the Used Bookstore’s first season in its new location at 417 Main St. draws to a close, the Friends of the Calais Free Library are celebrating in several ways for many things. They are celebrating the great help of the volunteers who tend the store, for the wonderful books so generously donated, and for the eager readers who have frequented the aisles and found books to their liking; but it is also for achievement in the two primary goals of the Friends – raising extra funds for library needs and making affordable books readily available to all ages and interests, developing or continuing the love of books and reading in young and old alike, not to mention keeping good books out of the landfills.
To help in this latter cause, the bookstore is holding a special Teachers and Kids Week. The targeted age this time will be Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Although the bookstore will not be open to the general public, on Monday, Oct. 3rd through Wednesday, Oct. 5th, classes from all the surrounding towns will be welcome to come with their teachers and enjoy bargain offers.
For teachers, all prices of books related to their teaching in any way will be cut in half to 50¢ for hardbacks and 25¢ paperbacks. For children, they may have three of any kind of books for 25¢. The schools will be contacted to arrange for a date and time, so not everyone comes at once. The contact phone number is 454-8926. Since not all classes may be able to come, any of those children who can come during the regular store hours (Thurs. & Fri. 9-5 and Sat. 9-3) can buy books at the same special bargain rate. Teachers of any level will also be welcome to add to their professional and classroom libraries at the same lower price.
During that same week, on Wednesday, October 5th, the popular Soup & Poetry evening will return again. Bring your own poems or your favorites by other poets, possibly concerning Halloween or Autumn – spooky, funny, or thoughtful. The soups and breads, the cider, coffee, and sweets will add to the delights of the evening. There will also be the opportunity to sign up to be a Friend of the Library and help support all these fine activities.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Gayle Moholland

Telephone Number: (207)454-8926


Email: bearcovequilts@aol.co