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The Designer Health Net Talk Show Talks Prostate Cancer

Portland -

Kristé Bouvier press photo

PORTLAND- The Maine based health, wellness and sports radio talk show, The Designer Health Net Talk Show hosted by Kristé Bouvier and sponsored by Katahdin Valley Health Center, brings Prostate Cancer awareness to Portland 6:00 a.m.  Sunday,  Sept. 12 on Big Jab 96.3 Sports Radio.
Early detection is the best case scenario when dealing with prostate cancer. However, if early detection is not an option, Kristé has brought you two professionals in this field who will convince you that all is surely not lost. Dr. Ramanadha Rao and Rabbi Dr. Edgar Weinsberg have the expertise and insight to explain a multitude of options available to victims of prostate cancer.
This show is also available ‚ÄúLive Streaming‚ÄĚ.
For more information about The Designer Health Net Talk Show and to connect to a link providing ‚ÄúLive Streaming‚ÄĚ go to www.designerhealthnet.com
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