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The “Comedy Riot” is back for a third year in a row. Happening Saturday, November 5th, at Jeff’s Catering.

Brewer -

BREWER, Maine — Jeff’s Catering will be home to “Comedy Riot 3”  on Saturday, Nov. 5. The show will feature some of Maine and New England’s best comedians. Tuck Tucker, Mike Sylvester, Ryan Waning, The Focus Group and headliner Johnny After will be the ones in charge of making you laugh so hard your temples will hurt the next morning.

The first and second annual Comedy Riots sold out, with 650+ tickets being sold last year alone. To make sure everyone has a chance to come and RIOT, there will be two shows Saturday, November 5th. The first show starts at 7:00PM and the second show starts at 9:30PM.

“There are so many great local comics but people in the Bangor area don’t have access to them” said Jeremy White, Co-founder of the Comedy Riots. “So that is why we bring the funny to Bangor.”

Tickets are $12 (group ticket discounts available) and can be purchased at Bull Moose and Jeff’s Catering, call 902-0463 for more information. “Comedy Riot 3” is sure to be a fun-filled night of laughs. Everyone involved, especially all the comics look forward to seeing you there.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Erik Gundersen

Telephone Number: (207)902-0463

Website: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=295268067156516

Email: gundersen83@gmail.com