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TechMaine Technology Awards Gala

Portland -

WESTBROOK  -  EepyBird will present two unique presentations during the TechMaine Technology Awards Gala on Wednesday evening June 30 at the Eastland Park Hotel Ballroom. The Technology Awards Gala features awards for technology companies large and small, and for the individuals that make it happen. This year’s event also includes the Best of the Web Awards.

The first EepyBird presentation “Creativity and Obsession: Innovation through Art & Science” will explore Creativity and Obsession with the originators of The Extreme Coke & Mentos Experiments. How do you take what you work with every day and find something new? How do you transform objects and ideas to create something unforgettable? For EepyBird, this is what their obsessive creative process is all about.

The second EepyBird presentation “Lessons from the Front Lines of Viral Marketing” outlines the ingredients of a successful viral video. EepyBird has spent the last five years developing and refining a proven, repeatable formula that has been honored with two Emmy Nominations and four Webby Awards.

About The Awards:
TechMaine will present awards in the following categories:
…..Governor’s Award for Technology Company of the Year
…..Gazelle Company
…..CxO of the Year
…..New Technology of the Year
…..Technology Innovator of the Year

The Best of the Web Awards are separated into four categories and awards will be presented in the following categories:
…..Corporate Image
…..Arts & Entertainment

About TechMaine:
The Technology Association of Maine (TechMaine) is the statewide trade association for Maine’s technology sectors. TechMaine supports its members by serving as the leading resource and advocate for Maine technology-reliant companies, bringing together technology, community, and education to enhance career opportunities, increase workforce development, and support rich economic growth in the state of Maine. As a resource, TechMaine supplies information, educational programs and services to increase awareness of the industry, develop community, and promote workforce development. As an advocate, TechMaine’s legislative agenda promotes the importance of Maine’s technology sectors. TechMaine is dedicated to growing our industry by creating a constructive and stimulating environment. For more information, call 207-857-3003 or visit www.TechMaine.com.

For more information contact:

Joe Kumiszcza executive director, TechMaine
Technology Association of Maine
506 Main Street, Ste 24
Westbrook, Maine 04092

For More Information:

Contact Name: Joe Kumiszcza

Telephone Number: (207)857-3003

Website: http://www.techmaine.com

Email: joe@techmaine.com