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Stonington Library Annual Used Book Sale

Stonington -

STONINGTON – The Stonington Fire Station will host the annual used book¬† sale at 11am on Tuesday, August 17th. The sale will run daily from 11AM to 3PM at , ending August 20. On the final day, the winning tickets for the two items being raffled by the library‚ÄĒa beautiful quilt made by a library trustee and a sterling silver oyster shell pendant crafted by artist Jeanette Ware of Little Deer Isle and East Burke, Vermont–will be drawn. All are invited to stop by and check out the terrific bargains.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Vicki Zelnick

Telephone Number: (207)367-5926

Website: http://stoningtonpubliclibrary.com

Email: stoningtonlibrary@stonington.lib.me.us