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Stephen and Tabitha King Grant to Sherman Public Library

Sherman Maine -

SHERMAN, Maine — The Sherman Public Library has been awarded a $21,000.00 grant from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation for a building expansion project. The 255 square foot addition will allow the library to increase its book shelf space, enlarged space for two public computers, provide specialized storage and exhibits for its growing local history collection, as well as adding a much needed 75 square foot storage room. Additionally the new open plan in this area will allow for the flexible use of the space for meetings and special events such as the summer reading program.
The Library Committee and the Library Building Committee met with local builders and contractors several times to refine specifications for the addition. Bids were received for the job and opened at a public meeting. Many of the bidding contractors were present and participated in a review of the bids. The Building Committee was satisfied that all the bids were consistent with the job specifications and they made their final recommendation to the Library Committee. They recommended that John S. Pocock Carpentry be awarded the contract. This recommendation was made to the Board of Selectmen, who unanimously approved the contract. Construction will begin in the spring.
The Sherman Public Library has been an important part of the history of the town for more than 75 years. Back then, a group of concerned citizens established a library that had no permanent home. By 1944, the voters of the Town began contributing to its operation. In the late 50’s a converted and relocated chicken coop became the first official home of the library on land owned by the Washburn Memorial Church in the heart of the town, on the green. Over the years, it has undergone several renovations and expansions. In 1982, a five year, town funded expansion, doubled the size of the library. In 1988, Esther Bonner financed the addition of a children’s wing. In 2008, the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation awarded a grant which funded new furniture for the librarian as well as two computer stations. The Friends of the Library have re-carpeted the floors, purchased books, supplies and a computer and have supported the summer reading program. The voters of Sherman continue to fund both the building expenses and the librarian’s salary.
The Library Committee wishes to express it appreciation to the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation for its generous funding of this project and many, many others throughout the State of Maine. Likewise, the library committee appreciates and relies on the continuing support of the volunteers, patrons, taxpayers and other residents of Sherman and the adjacent communities of Stacyville, Silver Ridge and Benedicta and most especially the congregation of the Washburn Memorial Church.

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