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“Southend” Blogger Presents CD

Rockland -

ROCKLAND – “On Being a Southender” blog writer for Village Soup, Sandra Sylvester, presents her new CD, “On Being a Southender, Vol. 1, 2009.” The CD contains enhanced versions of all her 2009 blogs. Many more pictures appropriate to each story and to the South End are included. She has also included more comments of her own and pictures and comments contributed by her readers.
Sylvester is now well into her second year of writing her blog for villagesoup.com. Her topics include reminiscences of her growing up years in Rockland; some history of the area; nature topics; and subjects of interest to all who live or have lived in Rockland and the surrounding areas. Her weekly blog is enjoyed by many in the area and also by people who have moved away from Rockland and Knox County.
The CD is available from the author. For more information, please contact her at KitKin007@aol.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Sandra Sylvester

Telephone Number: (770)696-2190

Website: http://www.knox/villagesoup.com

Email: KitKin007@aol.com