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Sonja Grondstra’s Hand Bezel-set Gold & Sterling Seaglass Inspired Jewelry Belfast Art Walk Show

Belfast -

BELFAST – Beyond the Sea Gallery-Café is pleased to host Sonja Grondstra’s handmade jewelry show for the Belfast Arts Friday Gallery Walk from 5-8pm on Friday, August 13th, with a pink champagne reception.

To create Sonja’s contemporary, and sometimes elaborate, seaglass inspired jewelry, Sonja selects pieces of beach and complementary glass, gold or silver hand bezel-setting them into intricate designs. accompanied by pearls and semi-precious stones.

Please preview her unique style at www.grondstradesigns.com

Complimentary Fare: FMI Tel: 207-338-2100, Nanette at Beyond the Sea, 74 Main St. Belfast.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Nanette

Telephone Number: (207)338-2100

Website: http://www.BeyondTheSeaMaine.com

Email: Info@BeyondTheSeaMaine.com