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Skip a Meal, Feed A Neighbor Day is Sept. 28

Auburn -

AUBURN, Maine — Throughout the month of September, Good Shepherd Food-Bank has been working to engage citizens to take action and help spread the word about how pervasive hunger is in every part of our state.
“Hunger is a serious problem in each and every community throughout Maine,” reports Rick Small, president and CEO of GSFB, adding “for that reason, it’s up to each and every Mainer to help solve the problem.”
Good Shepherd Food-Bank is asking Mainers to take the “Skip a meal – Feed a neighbor” pledge to raise awareness about hunger. By taking the pledge, you are agreeing to forego one meal on Wednesday, September 28 to make a connection with how it feels to go without food – even for a short period of time. Participants are invited to share their experiences by posting comments on the Food Bank’s Facebook page and to consider donating what they would have spent on that meal to help feed our hungry neighbors throughout the state.
Nationwide, 50 million Americans suffer from food insecurity. But hunger’s impact is felt by many more than the millions living with food insecurity: hunger impacts child development, health and wellness, education, workforce development – our general welfare as a nation. Maine ranks 9th in the nation in the number of food insecure households; 15 percent of our households are struggling with hunger.
To learn more about the “Skip a meal – Feed a neighbor” pledge, and for many other ways to get involved during Hunger Action Month, visit www.gsfb.org or call Melissa Huston at 299-7793.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Melissa Huston

Telephone Number: (207)299-7793

Website: http://www.gsfb.org