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Shaw House to Hold Annual Shaw House Challenge in Support of Homeless Youth in the Bangor Region

Bangor, Maine -

BANGOR, Maine — The Shaw House will Hold the Annual Shaw House Challenge in support of homeless youth beginning at 7:30 a.m.¬† Saturday, Sept. 17, at Cascade Park on state St. 30 cyclists and 3 support vehicles backed by over 125 new donors and 20 corporate sponsors will set out on a 42 mile benefit ride for Maine‚Äôs homeless youth. Supporters have helped raise over 15,000 added to corporate donations from over 20 local businesses. For more information, call 951-0955.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Peter Greeno, Chair of Development, Board of Directors

Telephone Number: (207)951-0955

Website: http://challenge.theshawhouse.org

Email: petergreeno@theshawhouse.org