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Seton School and Five Town CSD / MSAD #28 to Hold Joint Planning Session

Camden -

CAMDEN, Maine — Executive Director of Camden’s Seton School, David Heath, and Five Town CSD/MSAD #28 Superintendent, William Shuttleworth, have come together in a spirit of mutual respect to host a meeting entitled: “Service Our Neediest Through Community Collaboration”. The meeting is to take place on February 3rd and invitees include representatives from other school district, the medical community, civic leaders, and private industry. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss about how the two educational institutions can work together to build better services to special needs students and young adults in the midcoast community.

“Together, we are stronger and smarter than each of us working alone,” said Shuttleworth. “Instead of competing for finite resources, what would it look like if we all joined hands to do this good and noble work to create a sustaining system, fusing public, private, and agency talents to fully reach the needs of all kids?”

The workshop will be attended by approximately thirty members of the community who have specific interests in the education of children and adults with special needs. Topics will include collaborating on after-school programming, creating efficient delivery of specialized services, job coaching, wrap around services, and apprenticeships. Meeting attendees will be able to add their own voices to the discussion started by Heath and Shuttleworth, while keeping in mind the main goal of insuring that children in the community will be independent, healthy, and successful when they reach adulthood.

Located in Camden, the Seton School is a Special Purpose Private School that serves students in grades K-8, both privately and publicly. Seton provides a warm, quiet environment with a low student/teacher ratio, making it conducive to learning and sensory integration. In addition, Seton School offer a wide array of related service and therapies, including a music therapy program designed for 1:1 instruction and collaboration with the classroom teacher to support the students’ academic and social skills instruction and promoting positive emotion and behavior health.

Seton School is not a part of MSAD #28, however the lines of communication have been opened up between Shuttleworth and Heath, and both entities are excited at the opportunities that could be available to individuals and their families through community collaboration.

For more information, call David Heath at 236-3319 or email dheath.setonschool@gmail.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: David Heath

Telephone Number: (207)236-3319

Website: http://www.setonschoolmaine.org/

Email: dheath.setonschool@gmail.com