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Save the Woodpeckers at the Wendell Gilley Museum

Southwest Harbor -

Detail of Secondary Growth, Hairy Woodpecker, sculpture by Don Rambadt

SOUTHWEST HARBOR – The last chance to see the exhibition at the Wendell Gilley Museum in Southwest Harbor, Forged Into Flight: Sculptures by Don Rambadt will be Sunday, Oct. 10. The Museum board, staff and many of the visitors to the popular show however, are hoping that the not all of the birds in the show will have to migrate. One of the Rambadt sculptures, Secondary Growth, featuring a pair of hairy woodpeckers, has become the Museum’s welcoming gateway. The three tall columns that comprise the work flank the walkway to the building’s entrance; the birds watch comings and goings from their steel perches. Earlier this summer, a generous friend of the Museum pledged half the $18,500 cost to make the sculpture a permanent installation. Additional pledges made to date leave $4,000 to raise by Oct. 10.
Everyone is invited to enjoy the final days of Forged Into Flight and make their pledge to “save the woodpeckers” to grace the Gilley grounds in perpetuity. The Museum already features two other permanent sculptures outdoors, a pair of Whooping Cranes by Walter Matia and a Kingfisher-adorned fountain by Don Rambadt. Summer, a sculpture depicting barn swallows, by Don Rambadt, is currently on the grounds a part of the current exhibition. No one would complain if a sponsor came forward to acquire this sculpture as well….

The Wendell Gilley Museum is open every day except Monday, from 10 am until 4 pm, with final new entry to the galleries at 3:30 pm. Learn more about Forged Into Flight and other Museum features at www.wendellgilleymuseum.org or call 207-244-7555.

Speaking of migrations, flock of sanderlings sculpted by Don Rambadt especially for the Forged Into Flight exhibition, took quite a circuitous route getting from the artist’s Tanager Sculpture Works in Trevor, Wisconsin to the Wendell Gilley Museum. On July 2nd, they began their journey at the FedEx office in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin and continued to Waukegan, Illinois, where they spent the night. On July 3rd, they arrived in Indianapolis, where they tarried over the 4th of July holiday. They flew onward to Portland, Maine, then lost their way, landing in Presque Isle, Maine, over 200 miles north of their intended destination on July 7th. They reversed direction, traveling all the way back to Portland, Maine, then flew north again to Bangor, Maine before finally running down Route 1A to land at their summer roost at the Wendell Gilley Museum. The total journey was over 2000 miles.

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