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Old Town -

Tommy Rocker Live From Las Vegas!

OLD TOWN – Las Vegas entertainer Tommy Rocker brings his one-man show to the City Park Grill in Old Town at 6:00pm, Monday, July 19th,  for a one night performance. Rocker, who does a combination of Rock ‘n’ Roll, comedy and sing-alongs, has performed all across the country including Alaska, Hawaii, Key West, L.A. and in Australia and Europe. He owns and plays at two restaurant/bars in the Las Vegas area and is known for marathon sets lasting up to four hours. “It’s hard to quit when the party gets going,” he says.

Rocker will be vacationing in Maine with his wife Donna, whose maiden name is Desjardins, and who grew up in Orono/Old Town. “I swear Donna either knows or is related to half the people in the Bangor area,” says Rocker, “She can fill the place with family alone.”

There is no cover charge for this show. For more about Tommy visit www.tommyrocker.com

For More Information:

Contact Name: Shelley Glidden

Telephone Number: (702)604-6736

Website: http://www.tommyrocker.com

Email: trockerlv@aol.com