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Prospect Children’s Christmas Party

Prospect, Maine -

PROSPECT, Maine –¬† The Prospect Community Club will be sponsoring a Christmas Party for children at noon Saturday, Dec. 10, in Prospect. The event will include Pizza, drinks and ice cream followed by decorating cookies and after all cookies are done, the Children will be given a Gift Bag and will be able to select slightly used games or stuffed animals which have been donated.
There will be a round of singing Christmas Carols after which Santa Claus will appear with new wrapped gifts for the Children.
In the upstairs hall,” Maddie’s Hall” there will be a table or Christmas Store for the Children to buy something for their Mother and Father. These items can be bought for $.25 or $.50 and will be wrapped for them to take home to put under their tree. These items have been donated and are new and well worth more than what the Children will pay but think they will be pleased to be able to buy their Parents a gift.
The Store will be open following the Christmas Party.

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