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Plans for affordable housing on the Cranberry Isles announced

Cranberry Isles -

GREAT CRANBERRY ISLAND, Maine –  The Cranberry Isles Realty Trust, a nonprofit organization providing housing on the Cranberry Isles for those who otherwise cannot find or afford it, announces a plan to build two rental houses on Great Cranberry Island.

“We have been developing a plan to build two rental houses on Great Cranberry, with hopes of securing funding from MaineHousing’s Affordable Housing Initiative for Maine Islands,” announced organization President Jeri Spurling of Islesford. “We are holding an event on Great Cranberry on Thursday, August 4 at 4:30 pm at the Cranberry House to present the project to the community. Support from island residents, year round and summer, is essential to the success of this project. “

The Cranberry Isles Realty Trust, working on the two islands since 1996, owns two rental houses on Great Cranberry and one on Islesford and also has helped a couple purchase a home on Islesford, in exchange for permanent covenants that protect the longerm affordability of the house.

According to Cranberry Isles Selectmen and CIRT board member Phil Whitney, “Great Cranberry’s year round population is has shrunk to a few dozen. We are hoping that with these houses families will be able to move here, working in and contributing to our community. We are in dire need of reinforcements.”

Summer resident and CIRT board member Dick Pierson, explained, “I am working hard to secure commitments from fellow islanders for financial pledges in support of this project to match the generous land donation and the grant from the State. I feel strongly that our island can attract a variety of new residents who may work on or off the island, but will enhances its vitality in every way, saving us from the fate of so many other islands, like Sutton Island across the way, that have become summer-only enclaves.”

See attached rendering of how the houses are likely to look, when built on land behind the Cranberry House, to be donated by an island resident.

Contact people:
Jeri Spurling, Islesford, CIRT President, 244-7408, jerited@spurlingdesign.com
Phil Whitney, Great Cranberry, 244-5933, pkw@myfairpoint.net
Bruce Komusin, Great Cranberry, 244-3682, bkomusin@cranberryisles.com
Dick Pierson, Great Cranberry, 244-5732, rnp1@columbia.edu

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