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Paula Cannon’s Photo Show “Signs of Summer” at Camden National Bank

Belfast -

BELFAST  – ‘Paula’s Impressions’, photography by Paula B. Cannon continues to ‘Find the extra in the ordinary’ in her current collection of photos Signs of Summer being shown throughout August until mid-September at the Camden National Bank in Belfast. Her poster-size photos have been a hit at the bank since she started showing them in March of this year. Though her photos are available from note cards to standard size prints, she began adding large format prints to her collection when she realized that was what viewers wanted to see in the bank setting.
Her collections have ranged from scenic views of the Belfast waterfront to her dramatic flowers, where even simple weeds are shown in their full splendor.
Currently, Signs of Summer provides the excitement of fireworks to the delicate majesty of a dew filled spider web.

The bank, open during normal business hours is located on the corner of Cedar and Main Streets in Belfast.
Cannon’s photos can also be seen at the St. Francis Soup Kitchen, located at the Belfast Center 175 High Street, open Monday thru Friday during the hours of 10:30-12:30.
For further information Cannon can be reached at paula@paulasimpressions.com or

For More Information:

Contact Name: Scot/Paula Cannon

Telephone Number: (508)728-9587

Website: http://

Email: scotthemime@comcast.net