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Outdoor Movies Steal Back Into Bangor

Bangor -

BANGOR – River City Cinema will be bringing its free-to-the-community outdoor movie series beginning on June 25th to Pickering Square, Downtown Bangor. Now in its sixth year, RCC’s previous summer festival themes have included film noir, comedy, camp, and blondes. This year, they’ll be featuring some of the most ingenious (and not so ingenious) criminal masterminds in the history of cinema pulling off swindles, larcenies, schemes, stickups, and other perfect crimes during its “Heist School Vacation”
On June 25th, Alec Guinness stars in the 1955 Ealing comedy, “The Ladykillers”. Professor Marcus and his band of unmusical musicians use an elderly widow’s apartment as a cover up for a dastardly deed.
July 2nd brings Stanley Kubrick’s “The Killing” to the screen. Sterling Hayden plays Johnny Clay, who plans his very last heist, a daring racetrack robbery.
The Rat Pack comes to Pickering Square on July 9th in the original “Ocean’s Eleven” (1960). Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin and a bunch of other cats plan to rip off five Las Vegas casinos at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s.
The archetypal ’60s British caper “The Italian Job” works itself into the Square on July 16th. The 1969 film features Michael Caine, computer hackers, bank robbers, hijackers, gold bullion, and one of the most amazing car chases ever.
On July 23, Robert Redford and Paul Newman star in the Academy Award winning “The Sting” from 1973. Two con men pull together a team and a scheme to destroy a friend’s killer.
The series finishes off on July 30th with 1976′s “The Return of the Pink Panther”. Peter Sellers stars as the klutzy Inspector Clouseau hunting down the robber of the Pink Panther diamond.
A rain date for the series is set for August 6th.
All films will begin after sundown, around 8:30. Movies are free, all concessions are one dollar. Smoking in the crowd is discouraged. Lawn chairs or other seating is recommended. If available, subtitles will be shown.
Pickering Square is located between the back of the Maine Discovery Museum and the Parking Garage, at 100 Broad Street.
For more information, visit www.rivercitycinema.com.

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