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Occupy Aroostook Begins

Presque Isle -

PRESQUE ISLE,  Maine—On this date, a group of 11 concerned citizens met at the home of Alice Bolstridge to begin planning Occupy Aroostook, a series of events to promote awareness, educate the public, and stimulate citizen action about issues of economic justice.

Participants included people from Northern and Central Aroostook and one from Bangor. We discussed issues that negatively affect the well being of both local residents and the nation such as the increasingly unaffordable costs of health care, problems of the high rates of unemployed and underemployed, tax and labor policies that encourage the wide gap between rich and poor, the negative influence of money in politics.

We planned 2 kick-off demonstrations in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. Anyone is welcome to participate. On Friday, November 4, we will meet at the North Street parking lot in Presque Isle to march along Main Street and advocate for economic justice. On election day, Tuesday, Nov. 8, we will meet at the parking lot between Cedar Street and Pleasant Street with messages about political action. Both events begin at 5:30 p.m.

Please visit and friend us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Aroostook/312067425476344?sk=wall#!/pages/Occupy-Aroostook/312067425476344. If you want to help plan events, please email bolstridgea38@gmail.com or sdemaio@lycos.com. Or call 768-5827 or 455-8158. And please join us in our events. Bring a sign or leaflets, and bring your enthusiasm for improving the situation for all of US 99%.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Alice Bolstridge

Telephone Number: (207)768-5827


Email: bolstridgea38@gmail.com