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Non-Profit Provides Free Online Support Meetings for PTSD

Wiscasset -

WISCASSET, Maine — Fearless Nation PTSD Support announces five free weekly peer-support meetings for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) sufferers that educate, provide techniques for recovery, and encourage community support. The meetings take place in the 3D web world of SpotOn3D (soon to be named World Works), a free online service anyone can access from the web or Facebook.

“We were the first PTSD support organization to use this technology to aid recovery,” comments Colleen Crary, founder of Fearless Nation and herself a PTSD survivor.”Our new site is much easier to use and provides greater privacy and anonymity for members. We encourage anyone struggling with PTSD to join us for these meetings. They are proven effective and cost nothing. You only have to want to recover.”

Since 2009, Fearless Nation PTSD Support has made it a top priority to create a free, easy-to-access place for PTSD survivors to meet, no matter their geographical location, where member can take back control of their lives in a safe environment, and where members’ privacy is respected. Meetings address PTSD symptom management, consumer information, making smart decisions about care, addiction recovery and education, and include takeaway materials and techniques to practice to manage post trauma.

Meetings take place every Tuesday and Wednesday at 11 AM and 6 PM Pacific Standard Time (U.S.) and encourage participation by all trauma survivors internationally, not just military personnel. “We welcome PTSD survivors, their families, friends, and clinicians,” Crary says. “This includes war veterans, law enforcement, emergency responders, sexual and physical abuse survivors, torture and crime victims, man-made and natural disaster survivors, trauma clinicians, and those close to anyone who has suffered physical, psychological, and verbal trauma.”

In addition, a weekly group featured discussion and group meeting will feature guest speakers, demonstrations, and special workshops for spouses, family, and friends of PTSD survivors.

Details on these meetings and easy instructions for joining the meetings can be found on the Fearless Nation PTSD Support web site http://www.fearless-nation.org/Invitation.html

“We know our program works, because we take an individual approach to tackling PTSD. We respect the fact that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We hope more people will take advantage of this free, effective program. It works,” says Crary.

For more information on Fearless Nation PTSD Support, or to volunteer or make a donation, visit http://www.fearless-nation.org.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Colleen Crary

Email: colleen3k@gmail.com