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New Film Coca-Cola Tried to Censor to be Shown August 9

Belfast -

The Coca-Cola Case

BELFAST – “The Coca-Cola Case” (thecoca-colacase.org) described by the Boston Globe as “the explosive new film” will be shown in the Abbott Room of Belfast Free Library, 106 High Street at 5:30pm on Monday, August 9th. Admission is free.

Ray Rogers, noted labor and human rights advocate, described by the Financial Times as “the company’s fiercest foe” and by Business Week as a “legendary union activist” will speak after the film and answer questions.

The film was produced by the National Film Board of Canada and filmmakers German Gutierrez and Carmen Garcia. It documents the campaign of violence directed at union leaders along with the lawsuits and a campaign aimed at Coca-Cola and its bottlers, which Rogers says, “operate like a criminal syndicate with impunity.”

Rogers’s New York City-based organization Corporate Campaign, Inc., developed the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke (www.killercoke.org) to hold Coca-Cola accountable for what he describes as “widespread labor, human rights and environmental abuses” including the well-documented systematic intimidation, kidnapping, torture and murder of union leaders and family members in Colombia and Guatemala in efforts to destroy their unions.

In January, The Coca-Cola Company lawyers threatened legal action against the National Film Board of Canada, one of the world’s most respected documentary filmmakers; grassroots film collective, Cinema Politica, and the sponsors of the Human Rights Film Festival in Paris, France, if they showed the film. “Fortunately,” Rogers stated, “these groups did not cave in to Coca-Cola’s bullying and intimidation tactics and Coca-Cola was unsuccessful in its efforts to suppress the film.”

For More Information:

Contact Name: Bethany Louisos

Telephone Number: (781)820-0773

Website: http://thecoca-colacase.org

Email: be.thanlouisos@gmail.com