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Nashville Gospel Comes to Ellsworth

Ellsworth -

ELLSWORTH, Maine –Ernie Couch & Revival will be in concert at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20, at the Ellsworth Methodist Church.

Ernie Couch & Revival exemplifies what good Gospel music is all about. This live band performs their music in a unique blend of styles to ensure everyone present enjoys the concert. EC&R is well known across the United States and Canada for its high-energy brand of live music. Many describe the group as refreshingly different, and a lot of fun. Jason Couch, says, “We want folks to leave our concerts feeling better than when they arrived. We hope that they have not only been entertained, but that they go home in a better frame of mind and more focused on the One that makes life worth living.”

EC&R has traveled the road for more than a decade and present a professional evening of music. The group strives to bring quality to their work worthy of the One they sing about. EC&R has recorded numerous projects on their as well as recording with such greats as: Jake Hess, George Jones, James Blackwood, Boots Randolph, George Beverly Shea, Petra, and others just to name a few. You can visit the group’s web site at www.erniecouchandrevival.com to learn even more information about this fantastic group. If you are a fan of concerts or looking for an enjoyable event to attend, don’t miss seeing Ernie Couch & Revival in concert. Contact EUMC Music Director Amy Briggs at 266-4347 for more information.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Amy Briggs

Telephone Number: (207)266-4347

Website: http://www.ellsworthumc.org

Email: nightingale70@gmail.com