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Mount Desert Island Theater Group to Stage Free Performance

Mount Desert Island / Southwest Harbor -

MOUNT DESERT ISLAND – Mohawks and Facial Hair, an emerging theater, film and arts collective, today announced that its second-annual “Hamilton Project,” a free Mount Desert Island dramatic performance, will take place at 5pm on Sunday, July 18th at 130 Route 102, Southwest Harbor, ME (map: http://bit.ly/cR0k9M). The show will consist of five “shorts,” each led by a different member of the collective, followed by a thirty minute performance that will have been jointly devised by the entire Mohawks and Facial Hair team. Attendees will receive complementary Mohawks before the show and s’mores around a campfire following the performance.

“I’ve been vacationing in Mount Desert Island since I was 6 years old–my grandmother owned and operated an antique store out of her barn while I spent time with neighborhood kids, exploring and falling in love with the island,” said Andrew Simon, co-founder of Mohawks and Facial Hair. “Not only do I continue to frequent the island, I’ve now brought along a group of extremely talented artists and renovated the barn into an experimental art and performance space.”

“‘The Hamilton Project’ is unique, in that it is more or less an impromptu performance,” said Pavel Ezrohi, co-founder of Mohawks and Facial Hair. “Each of the artists arrives in the Village of Tremont one week before the performance with little preparation except for a couple of ideas in mind, ready to collaborate and bring those ideas to fruition. We were given such a warm reception from the Mount Desert Island community last year that we had no choice but to bring it back.”

Mohawks and Facial Hair celebrated its inaugural “Hamilton Project” performance in 2009, when Simon and Ezrohi performed a children’s show based on the stories of Soviet-era surrealist, poet, writer and dramatist, Daniil Kharms (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniil_Kharms), entitled “It Happened Like This.” This year, Mohawks and Facial Hair invited three additional artists and performers to contribute to the “Hamilton Project.”

About Mohawks and Facial Hair

Mohawks and Facial Hair is Pavel Ezrohi and Andrew Simon: theater, film, and anything else we can think of.

We were born in a barn. The barn was originally an antique shop run by Andrew’s grandmother that he converted into a rehearsal space after her death. AS: “My grandmother loved theater and she loved to see me making it, so it’s kind of perfect to be working and experimenting and creating in a place that she spent so much time, a place where I still feel her presence.”

This started as a theater project in Mount Desert Island, Maine, in July 2009. There in the barn we wrote and performed “It Happened Like This,” and committed to making it an annual trip: a new original piece of theater, every summer in MDI. We called it “The Hamilton Project” after we found an 1873 tax record that valued the barn at $10. AS: “To me, it’s all priceless – the barn, the birth, the work and the dreaming that go into making the art.”
For more information, please visit http://mohawksandfacialhair.wordpress.com/.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Chris Macowski, Pavel Ezrohi or Andrew Simon

Telephone Number: (207)244-6751

Website: http://mohawksandfacialhair.wordpress.com/

Email: chris@popsiclebomb.com