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Meet Bizarre Creatures of the Deep

St. Andrews -

Come face to face with some of the bizarre speciments at the Huntsman Aquarium

ST. ANDREWS – The Atlantic Reference Centre (ARC), part of the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, has the world’s biggest collection of North Atlantic marine species. Some of the creatures are fish everyone will have seen at some time or another, but there are also some unique and interesting species that live deep in the ocean that have some strange adaptations to their environment.
ARC Curator of Invertebrates, Dr. Gerhard Pohle, and Curator of Fishes, Lou Van Guelpen, will be bringing along some unusual and fascinating specimens from fish to crustaceans and parasites at 11:30am on Saturday, July 10th,  right after the seal feeding, as they present Bizarre Creatures of the Deep.
The scientists will be talking about how some invertebrates and fish have adapted to the deep-sea environment, and visitors will be able to see and touch some of the specimens.
The Huntsman aquarium has lowered admission prices in 2010 as construction continues on the new discovery centre, set to open in June, 2011.
For more information on the event or the aquarium, contact (506) 529-1200.

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