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Maine Wilderness Guides Organization Announces it 2011 Conservation Award

Bethel -

BETHEL, Maine — Each year Maine Wilderness Guides Organization recognizes one person who has donated a significant amount of personal and professional time towards conservation in Maine. This year, Karin Tilberg has been selected for The Maine Wilderness Guides 2011 Conservation Award. Karin, who is now the Deputy Director of the Forest Society of Maine, has dedicated much of her life working for conservation of Maine’s forestland, wildlife habitat, water quality, and outdoor recreational resources. During her tenure as staff attorney at Maine Audubon she was instrumental in forging a partnership with Maine’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department, sportsmen, landowners, and others to adopt legislation and rules to protect critical habitat of endangered species such as bald eagles. She was also instrumental in the passage of Maine’s Forest Practices Act, pollution prevention of clam flats and other natural resource protection laws. Then she moved into private practice and represented planning boards, land trusts, and non-profits before she took the position of Maine Director of the Northern Forest Alliance. While in that position Karin helped to organize a broad coalition in support of The Nature Conservancy’s project to protect the Debsconeag Lakes area. The results of that effort were over 45,000 acres of land stretching from Nahmakanta Lake to the West Branch of the Penobscot being preserved in perpetuity. She also worked to support funding for other large-scale forest conservation projects such as the West Branch Project and the Downeast Lakes Project. After leaving the Northern Forest Alliance, Karin was named Deputy Commissioner of the Maine State Department of Conservation. In that job, and her later position as Senior Policy Advisor in the Governor’s office, Karin was able to unite diverse state-wide interests in adopting and supporting the goal to protect Maine’s natural resources and the jobs supported by those resources. This January, Karin moved on to the newly created position of Deputy Director for the Forest Society of Maine (FSM), helping to provide conservation options to private forestland owners throughout Maine’s North Woods. Karin has been a long-time supporter of the Maine Wilderness Guides Organization and its mission and is an avid outdoorswoman.

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