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Maine State Library Introduces the Maine Writers database

Augusta -

AUGUSTA – The Maine State Library is pleased to introduce a searchable database of over 500 Maine writers who lived from the 18th century to the present. Most people know that Stephen King and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow are Maine writers. Both were born in Maine and both were educated in Maine. Their works, from Under the Dome to Evangeline take place in Maine.

What else defines a Maine writer? Who should be counted? “We spread our net as widely as possible” reports Peggy O’Kane, Coordinator of Reference and Research. “The State Library has always collected the books of authors who live in Maine or who have strong connections to the state.”

Information on writers can be searched by browsing an A to Z list, by keyword, genre, or time period or a combination. “This is still a work in progress and people are invited to submit names of writers we’ve missed or to provide corrections to the information we’ve listed.”

For more information, call Dean Corner at 287 5604 or visit
Website http://www.maine.gov/msl/

For More Information:

Contact Name: Dean Corner

Telephone Number: (207)287-5604

Website: http://maine.gov/msl

Email: dean.corner@maine.gov